Peugeot Boxer Motorhome Buying Guide: My Experience After 1 Year

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Updated on: 26 July, 2021

Since I am often asked why I decided to buy this motorhome from exactly this manufacturer, here are all the important facts with photos.

In this post, you will find the following information:

  • Technical data & standard equipment of the Tourne
  • My personal arguments and pros for buying
  • Pimp it – my additional fittings and modifications to the van

I have decided to explore Germany and Europe with this motorhome in the next few years. Because in the last few years I have travelled around the world a lot. And I would like to avoid long-haul flights as much as possible in the future.

Tours made so far with the Tourne Mobil (also suitable for beginners)

  • Road trip in Normandy (France)
  • Road trip on the Baltic Sea
  • Short trip to Lake Constance
  • The lovely Taubertal in Baden-Württemberg
  • Trip with my nephew to the Black Forest: excursion destinations in the Black Forest (also suitable for children)
  • Road trip in Brabant (Holland)
  • Road trip in East Frisia

That is why I decided on a finished motorhome
Not everyone is technically gifted or has enough time to build a camper on their own. I lacked both: the time and the knowledge. A friend with experience in converting a camper would have supported me, but I just travel around the world too often. After all, that’s my job.

After ordering, a little waiting time and “settling in” in the van, I will now present my Tourne Mobil panel van to you in great detail.

My enthusiasm for the tour is due to the fact that the basic equipment already has almost everything that I wanted.

Since I get a lot of emails:

Even after 10,000 kilometers I am still 100% convinced of the purchase

Table of Contents

My reasons for buying the Tourne Mobil motorhome
Standard equipment Tourne Mobil
Electronics & electricity
Insulation, electricity, water, heating
Sleeping and living space
Window and blackout
Other Features
My conclusion and review
Quick FAQs

Peugeot Boxer motorhome

My reasons for buying the Tourne Mobil motorhome

Why did I choose to tour in the end? A lot is built in as standard. The manufacturer is experienced in the expansion and has a lot of knowledge about what is important to campers and motorhome enthusiasts.

Reason for purchase 1: insulation

The manufacturer is the market leader in Scandinavia. For fans of winter camping , trips to cooler countries or road trips beyond the warm summer, I can tell you: the insulation is great! I would even say: no other manufacturer insulates its camper as well as Tourne.

After I almost froze to death in Australia with a sudden onset of winter at -2 degrees at night and a lack of insulation, that was actually the decisive argument for me! Sure, who also expects a “real winter” in Australia ? There is, believe me.

2. Motorhome interior: modern design

What also motivated me to buy is the bright interior of the motorhome. I am not a fan of the “pensioner colors” beige and brown, as they are used in many other campers. That shouldn’t sound discriminatory, for me this brown just has an old-fashioned character and is not mine at all.

The Scandinavian-looking light oak decor design of the Tourne, on the other hand, creates a light, warm and friendly ambience. I love it! In addition, the windows in the roof and in the side are so large that you have enough light even in winter.

Update: In the meantime, manufacturers such as Hymer have also gotten the right nose and are suddenly offering campervans with bright interiors.

3. Fly screens on all openings

Dometic windows are ideal. Not only can you completely darken them (I prefer to sleep in the dark), but you can also open fly screens. Anyone who has ever been camping or camping in the summer (no matter where) knows how annoying mosquitoes or flies are in the interior.

In Australia we had to lock the camper completely while cooking (and that at 40 degrees) because we had no mosquito nets. Leaving a window open at night to get some fresh air meant that the next morning we were covered with mosquito bites.

The Tourne Camper, on the other hand, even has a large fly screen on the side door that I would never want to be without again. So I don’t understand how many “Instagram” campers (sorry, I have to put it that way) always post pictures in their top-styled Bullis – without mosquito nets.

4th plus: storage space

Thanks to the intelligent arrangement of the cabinets, you have enough storage space everywhere. Large cabinets on both sides above the bed in the rear, a large cabinet under the refrigerator, as well as under the stove and sink, and another one above the table. Of course you have additional storage space in the rear under the bed!

The space above the driver’s cab also offers plenty of storage space for everyone who, like me, does not (always) carry the upholstery for the 2nd bed.

What I would have liked…

I really would have loved to have a motorhome with an automatic transmission. Not because I can’t shift gears, but because I’m lazy. However, this camper is not available to buy. There is still no panel van from Peugeot and Fiat with a “real” automatic.

Why is that not so bad : A friend (who also owns the tour) convinced me that the circuit is really okay, since you drive more comfortably with the camper anyway. He is right. I don’t miss the automatic gearshift in the motorhome at all anymore. On the contrary: I’m looking for the clutch in my other car.

Standard equipment Tourne Mobil

Peugeot Boxer motorhome

The best way to find the latest details is directly on the Tourne Mobil website . Models change every year. I drive Tourne mobil 2020 , the best place to look for the latest news about Tourne Mobil 2021 is there. My tour is 5.99 meters long. There is now also a 6.40 meter version with lengthways beds. I find it totally superfluous, but if you want a longer vehicle, this may be interesting for you.

Peugeot Boxer, Tourne Mobil 435 L3H2 2.2 BlueHDI 165 Chassis reinforced (Black Edition – this is the special equipment):

Technical details and features

  • Peugeot brand, year of construction 2020
  • Color: Stone Gray Edition (individual foil, factory foil was removed) – based on the Black Edition, just a different color
  • 121 kW / 165 PS
  • 16 “aluminum rims black (Black Edition) – were exchanged for All Terrain K02 from BF Goodrich and 18″ rims from DELTA
  • Diesel, Euro 6D
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Fuel tank 90 l
  • Permitted total weight: 3.500 kg
  • Registered 4-seater
  • Cruise control
  • backup camera
  • trailer hitch
  • Fog lights
  • Power steering
  • Electronic immobilizer
  • Electric windows
  • Driver / passenger airbag
  • Central locking of all doors with remote control
  • Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors
  • Electronic switching recommendation in the fittings
  • Automatic door locking while driving
  • Front bumper in body color
  • Swiveling driver and passenger seat CAPTAIN CHAIR with armrests

Note on all terrain tires, rims and TÜV

▷ Please do not contact me when it comes to the TÜV. Here you have to look for one who can register these tires without widening them. In fact, not everyone does that.

▷ I ordered the tires and rims directly from my dealer, the Nees car dealership in Stockstadt near Aschaffenburg, and had them fitted. Please don’t ask me or the car dealership if you don’t want to buy your vehicle there too. Registration is no longer possible in this way. Incidentally, he also rents tours for testing.


  • Length: 5,998 meters
  • Width with mirror: 2.69 meters (width without mirror: 2.05 meters)
  • Height: 2.661 meters, the Tourne mobil 335 is a few centimeters lower at 2.57 meters (other tires). Because I’ve now put on all-terrain tires with 18 ” rims, my van is a bit higher.

Electronics & electricity

Whether you actually need two solar panels and a body battery, like me, depends on your preferences. I work a lot while traveling. Electricity is not always available. I also like to be self-sufficient and avoid large campsites whenever possible.

  • Board battery and body battery TAB 95Ah (C20) AGM – MOTION Picture
  • Inverter from Renogy (3000 W – you probably don’t need it, but those who almost live and work in the van allow themselves the luxury)
  • 2 x solar panels , a total of 220 watts
  • Charging booster
  • On-board control with display for electricity, water, battery, waste water
  • LED light above the kitchen block
  • 12V USB connection in the back above the beds series
  • 220V socket in the luggage compartment standard
  • 220V socket in the front of the vehicle
  • 2 more speakers above the beds in the back
  • Reading lights front and rear (LED)
  • Ambience lighting at the rear
  • Outdoor lamp and rain cover Dometic Raintec RT100

Driver’s cab

  • P.L.Z MP-800 Car Entertainment Multimedia System with navigation and Apple Car Play. According to reviews, it’s a top device)
  •  iPhone / iPod connection
  • USB ports
  • Bluetooth
  • Air conditioning with outside temperature display (only in the driver’s cab)
  • Mobile phone holder from Brodit with ProClip holder
  • Instead of the completely useless fold-up bracket, I bought this practical CARica charging tray inductive (with USB & HDMI)
  • Instead of the bad tweeters, I installed this Alpine SPC-R100-DU radial speaker system

Insulation, electricity, water, heating

With the diesel heater from Webasto, you can ideally regulate the heat inside. We only heated minimally at 0 degrees. Thanks to the good insulation, it was pleasantly warm all night.

It is great that the water tanks and pipes are also well insulated, even though they are installed under the vehicle.

  • Suitable for winter : Insulation in the interior with Armacel Armaflex ACE + 15mm / 30mm insulation
  • Floor insulation 30 mm
  • Diesel heater Webasto Hybrid II5 1.5kW – 4kW (comes from the tank, not from the gas supply)
  • Hot water (Whale gas water heating system Hybrid II5 1.25 Kw volume 8 liters)
  • Underfloor heating
  • 100 l fresh water / waste water tank (heated and well insulated)


  • Fridge with freezer compartment (90l, 12V)
  • 2 burner gas cooker Dometic PI8062 with electronic ignition
  • Dometic sink SNG4237 series
  • Spacious drawers for spices above the kitchen block series
  • Extension of the kitchen worktop


The bathroom is nice and bright thanks to the built-in skylight. It can also be used as a drying room. A real plus for rainy days or winter campers. You can dry wet clothes on one of the six hooks in the bathroom.

  • shower
  • sink
  • Cassette toilet (Thetford C233)
  • 6 coat hooks
  • Big mirror
  • Big cupboard
  • + Wooden shelf
  • + Outside shower

Sleeping and living space

The transverse bed in the rear measures 1.90 x 1.40 meters. The slightly smaller bed at the front measures at least 1.85 x 1.10 meters. Sufficient for one adult or two children. This system is patented by Tourne and is called dream4system.

The pull-out bench from the kitchen block is ingenious. For me, one of the ideal places to chill out or to put your feet up after sitting in the rotated passenger seat. It couldn’t be more convenient.

  • 4 beds: dimensions rear: 190 cm x 140 cm / dimensions front: 185 cm x 110 cm
  • Light furniture (Rovere Calcino Oak) made of high quality HDF (High Density Fiber), moisture-resistant poplar panels
  • Inserts to enlarge the table
  • Additional seat can be pulled out of the kitchen block (part of the Dream4System)

Window and blackout

I admit: I am spoiled. In southern Germany there are always roller shutters in houses. So I’m used to sleeping in the dark and I definitely prefer it. That’s why I’m absolutely happy that the Tour is installing windows with a Dometic darkening system everywhere.

It is also ideal that insect screens are already in place everywhere. So you can ventilate without flies or mosquitoes getting inside.

  • Driver’s cab windscreen: Dometic FP200 darkening system
  • Cab doors : Dometic Duette Blackout darkening system
  • Roof window front and rear Dometic Midi-Heki Style GD 500 x 700 mm
  • Skylight bathroom: Dometic Mini-Heki 400 x 400 mm
  • 2 windows in the “living room”: Dometic S7S with pleated blackout blind and insect protection grille (frame windows free of cold bridges for the best insulation and security)
  • 2 windows in the rear door: Dometic S7P 490 x 500
  • Insect screen on the side sliding door

Other Features

  • Omnistor 6300 awning
  • Gas safety valve GOK Monocontrol (collision protection)
  • Gas detector CBE BMTG 12V LPG and sleeping gas detector
  • Webasto control unit MULTICONTROL ATE series
  • Thule bike rack for the trailer hitch (bought in addition)
  • Westlife table and chairs (more in the article on basic equipment )
  • + Bull-Bar black (Black Edition)
  • + Textile leather seats (Black Edition)
  • + Carpet in the living room (Black Edition) -> I wouldn’t use this anymore. I don’t need it. If you want to buy it from me, write me an email.
  • + Water outlet valve (fresh water) – important in winter
  • + Isofix (for child seats)

I ordered everything marked with + (or it is included in the “Black Edition”.)

I don’t need it personally, but it is built into the series:

  • Preparation for TV in the front of the vehicle (coaxial cable, 2x socket) series
  • Electric entry level Thule

More information about the Tour Mobile

There are two layouts of the Tourne: 335 and 435. The two versions differ mainly in the equipment. The 335 can only tow 2,500 kg, the 435 3,000 kg. Both are the latest models of the Peugeot Boxer with Euro 6.2. Update 2021: There is now the longer version with 6.40 meters and lengthways beds. Please contact a dealer for information or check the tour website.

However, with the longer model you should keep in mind that you have to pay higher prices on ferries and that you cannot simply park your car in public parking lots.

My conclusion and review

At this price-performance ratio , the tour is unbeatable ! My basic version has 60,000 euros cost. By the way, financing is possible, I will do it too (ask the dealer). The price of course depends on the engine power and equipment.

What I am still particularly excited about is that someone here has really thought about the interior design! You can just tell that everything is of great quality. At the same time, everything looks super chic. I don’t want to miss my “Vinnie” anymore!

Are you wondering: Hymer Sprinter or Tourne Mobil?

I can answer you with a clear conscience that I have found some very cheap solutions in the Hymer for this high price. My friends more or less live in the Hymer Sprinter and we were on the road together for many weeks in 2020.

The window (and mosquito screen) in the Hymer’s bathroom is so small and cheaply made that I’m not jealous. In the Hymer you feel like you have a lot less storage space (neither above the driver’s seats nor in the kitchenette) and the bathroom is a lot smaller.

Only the drain for gray water is better solved in my opinion in the Hymer. But here, too, Auto Nees has found a perfect solution, which I will present to you as soon as I have my camper back (currently being converted).

More articles on motorhomes in general and on my favorite road trips and routes will follow soon.

Quick FAQs

Can you say something about the Peugeot Boxer engine? Have you already had problems?

I haven’t had any problems with my car to this day. At first I was just irritated that a warning light came on saying that there was liquid in the filter. However, the notice is out of date, because the light simply says that I have to refill Ad Blue.
I also found reports of problems with the engine before buying it. However, these were of an older date. My model is a new one.

Can I finance or lease my motorhome?

The answer is yes. I financed my motorhome with the Santander Bank (depends on the dealer). There are various financing options that are best discussed with the bank or your dealer. Here, too, I received good advice from the dealer (Auto Nees), and I knew exactly under what conditions I would like to take out the financing.

Is the tour practical or too big?

When you have driven it for the first few kilometers, you will notice how clear and beautiful it is to drive such a car. The size is perfect and still ideal as a “small mobile home”. I didn’t want a Bulli because I work a lot in it and travel for a long time. When it rains, I can sit comfortably in the living area (and stand upright).

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