Rent A Private Campervan: A Guide for Campervan Sharing

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Updated on: 13 July, 2021

Many travelers and adventurers dream to own a campervan and the van life lifestyle that goes with it. Equipped with your personal home on four wheels, the whole world is at your feet. Just drive off, always facing the sun and at your own pace. You don’t have to book a hotel in advance, and you don’t have to follow a pre-planned itinerary. If you like it particularly well in one place, then you stay longer, if you don’t like it at all somewhere, you simply drive on towards the next destination you are longing for.

Since I got my Bulli, I’ve really learned to love this independent and self-determined way of traveling. I even expanded my baby myself, processed, sawed and sanded the wooden boards for the interior cladding with my own hands and also implemented the entire design of the furniture and the decoration myself. I have to admit that mastering such an extraordinary project makes you very proud and that’s why I feel really at home in my milk coffee brown T3, even when I’m not at home. We had our baptism of fire two years ago on my road trip to Mostar in Bosnia , to the Peljesac peninsula in Croatia and to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. We’ve been the very best of friends ever since.

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Rent a private campervan or offer your van for rent

Why am I telling you all the time about how cool having your own campervan is when this article is supposed to be about camper sharing? For a wide variety of reasons, it can make sense to deal with this relatively new and interesting topic, regardless of whether you – like me – already live the van life with your own campervan, are just weighing a purchase decision or maybe just a camper for want to rent your next road trip.

On the one hand, it is unfortunately not financially possible for everyone to buy their own campervan. My stomach still hurts today when I think about how much money I paid for my Bulli back then. It’s not just the purchase price that needs to be taken into account. In addition, there are also one-off costs such as registering the vehicle, recurring repairs, regular checks and services in the workshop, TÜV and possibly the material costs for an individual upgrade. Not to forget the annual fixed costs of insurance and the road tax.

This brings me straight to the second important reason that why camper sharing is a great thing, even if you are already a happy RV owner. In all likelihood, you only use your van for a few weeks a year, right? The rest of the time it just stands in the garage and generates costs. On the various camper sharing platforms you can not only rent a private campervan, but also set up your own for rent and thus cover your costs!

Camper sharing is a type of Airbnb for camper vans and RVs

On various websites such as Yescapa, a Europe-wide platform for private camper sharing, you can rent your campervan as the owner of your own camper or rent a campervan from a private owner. More than 10,000 campers are already available at Yescapa in numerous European countries!

This holistic concept has clear advantages for everyone involved: As a landlord, you can use the rental income to cover your running vehicle costs such as insurance and vehicle tax and even earn something on top of that, as a tenant you can enjoy a property that has been developed with great attention to detail individual campervans without tearing a huge hole in your finances, as would likely be the case with a purchase.

By sharing existing resources, camper sharing is also wonderfully sustainable. Slow travel, sustainability and the sharing economy are not just empty words for Yescapa, these topics are rather principles and guiding principles. Your goal is to give everyone who is enthusiastic about van life access to this self-determined and decelerated form of travel in harmony with nature.

The advantages of camper sharing over large rental companies

If you go the conventional way and rent a campervan from one of the large rental companies, then unfortunately personal contact is only given in the rarest of cases. If, on the other hand, you rent their own campervan from a private owner, they will have a lot of useful information, funny anecdotes and good tips about their van and van life in general for you when you hand over the vehicle.

If, for example, you are really thinking about buying your own campervan in the future, then this personal contact with tips and first-hand experience is really worth its weight in gold, while with a conventional rental company you are most likely just in a standard sales pitch would be involved.

As a rule, renting private mobile homes and camper vans is even a tad cheaper than with conventional commercial rental companies, which can amount to around $12 per day. However, I see the greatest advantage of private camper sharing in the fact that you get access to individually and beautifully developed campers. Do you really want a baby blue T2 with a surfboard on the roof for your planned road trip to the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve in Portugal? With a little luck you will find exactly this dream Volkswagen Bulli on Yescapa!

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